Story ofDrumcreehy

One might say that the story of Drumcreehy House began in 2000 after two years of planning but it actually goes back much further in time when Bernadette and Armin gathered decades of experience in both Ireland and Germany in the tourism and hotel industry and thus laid the foundation for their dream of owning an hotel. The love of the country and its people is no coincidence. Growing up in Gort in the south of County Galway, Bernadette spent many summers in the Burren.

She knows the area inside out and as a tourism expert, is more than happy to help guests with their leisure time activities. Armin’s over 30-year hotel expertise is reflected in the perfection that drives the family-friendly Drumcreehy Country House. Everything goes hand in hand. The two hosts enjoy enthusiastic support from their children Nessa and Alannah, who not only offer valuable tips from hiking to surfing, but have also expanded the in-house services by offering dog and babysitting!

Incidentally, the name “Drumcreehy” was borrowed from the nearby church, which dates back to the 12th century.